The beauty of handmade ceramics is that there are slight differences between each piece, perfection is hard to attain during large scale production as everything is fully hand crafted.

We have a production schedule assigned and it’s a first-come, first-serve basis. Please inform us at least 4 weeks in advance if you would like to place a custom ceramic order.

The more time we have to design & conclude the sample phase, the more unique your design can be. If we advise against a certain technique or design during the sample phase, We kindly cannot accept the commission.

• An advance payment of 50 % is required. This is a non-refundable payment done after the approval of the samples in order to proceed with production.
The remaining 50 % is to be transferred within 2 days after completion of production.

All payments are to be completed via Bank Transfer.

• Any changes to the order that may occur after the Sample phase approval, it will result in production delays and therefore the due date will be changed, accordingly.

Any additional orders to be made after production and payment is completed, are to be considered as new orders.

Samples provided to Clients are to be returned to the Studio first, in order to proceed with the production as per the approved Samples. Samples are created free of charge.

Due Dates Timeline for production will provided upon returning the Sample.

• Customized artworks and products cannot be exchanged as per Health and Safety Guidelines outlined by the Local Authority.

Our products are fully handcrafted and therefore are unique. Please expect slight variation in texture, colour, shape, and size.

Approval of Sample phase would require the presence of the Client for a visual advantage for the sample choosing

Studio & Etiquette

If you have a question, don’t guess, ask us! Our Studio Managers are super friendly and there are no such things as silly questions. Our goal is to make the space as safe, comfortable, and inspiring for everyone.

• Abuse, violence, and hateful or discriminatory language/action will not be tolerated. Staff reserve the right to ask anyone to leave and not to return, for any unacceptable and/or harmful behaviour.

• We are not responsible for any valuables or personal belongings being lost or misplaced at the Studio. Please keep an eye on your valuables.

• First-Aid Kits are available at the Reception.

COVID-19 Measures & Protocols at Studio CLAY:

• Proof of full Vaccination is required. Negative COVID-19 tests only are not valid.

• A green Al Hosn App.

• Mandatory masks are required for Studio entry.

• Hands must be sanitized before and after entering the Studio.

• The Studio and all tools, equipment, and surfaces are cleaned and sanitized regularly, daily.

• We are permitted to refuse entry to anyone experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.

Kiln Firing

There is no guarantee for the quality or functionality of fired work. Every precaution will be taken to ensure the best possible outcome for your pieces. Mistakes and misfirings do happen, and we are not responsible for any damage to your work during this process.

• We take all care and no responsibility for loss or damage and reserve the right to refuse work that we feel may damage our Kilns or other work that may not be suitable.

• We will need to know exactly what Firing temperature your clay and glazes require. Please be ready with this information.

• You will be liable for any damage your work caused to our kilns and/or shelves. For replacement costs an invoice will be sent your way accordingly.

• Please make sure your external work is bone dry & ready bisque when delivered.

Private Booking

• Studio CLAY will provide you with a Food & Safety Waiver Form to be signed prior bookings, for any food that may be catered externally and/or delivered for the event.

• Alcohol is not permitted in the events.

Candle Workshop

• Advance booking is required.

• A non-refundable 50% deposit is to be paid via Bank Transfer, upon booking.

Workshop & Membership

• Refund can be given 72 hours prior to your booking.

• Rescheduling can be offered up to 24 hours in advance. Each Booking can be rescheduled once.

• For weather-related disruptions, we offer the flexibility to reschedule your booking at any time.

Ceramics that are bought, cannot be returned nor exchanged.

• 5% will be deducted to all refunds.

• No refund will be given for no shows. For late arrivals no extra time can be given.

• Refunds cannot be issued if customers arrive late, or no-shows.

• Please be aware that the ceramics made during the workshop sometimes won't always match the outcome or idea that you want, in terms of size or color. Perfection is very difficult to achieve in ceramics so try enjoying your time and ask questions if in doubt while making your pieces.

Please see a manager or email if you have any questions about the studio policies